Steve Flanagan
About Steve
Steve Flanagan
Global Business Intelligence Architect for Microsoft
Home City:
Dublin, Ireland
Sail Number:
Local Windsurf Spot:
Seapoint, Dublin or Killiney Bay
180cm (5'11")
92kg approx.
Other Hobbies:
Snowboarding, Kite-Surfing, Sailing & Mountain Biking
Steve is competing in the following:

Adventure Racing


What Records am I trying to achieve?

My goal for the is to become the Outright Irish Speed Sailing Champion across all applicable categories. These include the following:

The Record: Rules

In order to claim the title of OUTRIGHT FASTEST in the world of speed sailing, a skipper and boat must complete a course as ratified by the World Speed Sailing Record Council, (WSSRC).

In Brief:
The World Sailing Speed Record will be held anywhere in the world by the skipper who establishes the fastest speed which is ratified in accordance with the WSSRC rules.
The Course:
The record shall be established over a course on water (not ice) with a minimum length of half a kilometre (500 meters). The course may be defined by posts and transits ashore, or by buoys afloat. Transits shall not converge.
The timing shall be to the nearest 1/00th of a second and shall be calculated to the nearest 1/100th of a knot with allowance made made for the resolved component of any tidal stream and/or current on the course. A venue is not suitable for record breaking if the current is more than one knot.
Manual Power:
A vessel shall use human power only apart from battery power for instrumentation. No means of power or stored energy may be used.
Means Of Propulsion:
Prior to and during the attempt, the vessel shall accelerate from rest afloat, and shall be propelled only from the natural action of the wind, and without any element of assistance from 'wave riding'. "Pumping" is permitted.
At least one person shall be on board from the moment the vessel accelerates from rest until she has finished her attempt.
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